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2 Chronicles 17
2Ch 17:1 And Jehoshaphat his son reigned in his stead, and strengthened himself against Israel. 2 Chr 17:1 Jehoshaphat his son then became king in his place, and made his position over Israel firm. Ch2 17:1 καὶ ἐβασίλευσεν Ιωσαφατ υἱὸς αὐτοῦ ἀντ᾽ αὐτοῦ καὶ κατίσχυσεν Ιωσαφατ ἐπὶ τὸν Ισραηλ
2Ch 17:2 And he placed forces in all the fenced cities of Judah, and set garrisons in the land of Judah, and in the cities of Ephraim, which Asa his father had taken. 2 Chr 17:2 He placed troops in all the fortified cities of Judah, and set garrisons in the land of Judah and in the cities of Ephraim which Asa his father had captured. Ch2 17:2 καὶ ἔδωκεν δύναμιν ἐν πάσαις ταῖς πόλεσιν Ιουδα ταῖς ὀχυραῖς καὶ κατέστησεν ἡγουμένους ἐν πάσαις ταῖς πόλεσιν Ιουδα καὶ ἐν πόλεσιν Εφραιμ ἃς προκατελάβετο Ασα ὁ πατὴρ αὐτοῦ
2Ch 17:3 And the LORD was with Jehoshaphat, because he walked in the first ways of his father David, and sought not unto Baalim; 2 Chr 17:3 The Lord was with Jehoshaphat because he followed the example of his father David's earlier days and did not seek the Baals, Ch2 17:3 καὶ ἐγένετο κύριος μετὰ Ιωσαφατ ὅτι ἐπορεύθη ἐν ὁδοῖς τοῦ πατρὸς αὐτοῦ ταῖς πρώταις καὶ οὐκ ἐξεζήτησεν τὰ εἴδωλα
2Ch 17:4 But sought to the Lord God of his father, and walked in his commandments, and not after the doings of Israel. 2 Chr 17:4 but sought the God of his father, followed His commandments, and did not act as Israel did. Ch2 17:4 ἀλλὰ κύριον τὸν θεὸν τοῦ πατρὸς αὐτοῦ ἐξεζήτησεν καὶ ἐν ταῖς ἐντολαῖς τοῦ πατρὸς αὐτοῦ ἐπορεύθη καὶ οὐχ ὡς τοῦ Ισραηλ τὰ ἔργα
2Ch 17:5 Therefore the LORD stablished the kingdom in his hand; and all Judah brought to Jehoshaphat presents; and he had riches and honour in abundance. 2 Chr 17:5 So the Lord established the kingdom in his control, and all Judah brought tribute to Jehoshaphat, and he had great riches and honor. Ch2 17:5 καὶ κατηύθυνεν κύριος τὴν βασιλείαν ἐν χειρὶ αὐτοῦ καὶ ἔδωκεν πᾶς Ιουδα δῶρα τῷ Ιωσαφατ καὶ ἐγένετο αὐτῷ πλοῦτος καὶ δόξα πολλή
2Ch 17:6 And his heart was lifted up in the ways of the LORD: moreover he took away the high places and groves out of Judah. 2 Chr 17:6 He took great pride in the ways of the Lord and again removed the high places and the Asherim from Judah. Ch2 17:6 καὶ ὑψώθη καρδία αὐτοῦ ἐν ὁδῷ κυρίου καὶ ἔτι ἐξῆρεν τὰ ὑψηλὰ καὶ τὰ ἄλση ἀπὸ τῆς γῆς Ιουδα
2Ch 17:7 Also in the third year of his reign he sent to his princes, even to Benhail, and to Obadiah, and to Zechariah, and to Nethaneel, and to Michaiah, to teach in the cities of Judah. 2 Chr 17:7 Then in the third year of his reign he sent his officials, Ben-hail, Obadiah, Zechariah, Nethanel and Micaiah, to teach in the cities of Judah; Ch2 17:7 καὶ ἐν τῷ τρίτῳ ἔτει τῆς βασιλείας αὐτοῦ ἀπέστειλεν τοὺς ἡγουμένους αὐτοῦ καὶ τοὺς υἱοὺς τῶν δυνατῶν τὸν Αβδιαν καὶ Ζαχαριαν καὶ Ναθαναηλ καὶ Μιχαιαν διδάσκειν ἐν πόλεσιν Ιουδα
2Ch 17:8 And with them he sent Levites, even Shemaiah, and Nethaniah, and Zebadiah, and Asahel, and Shemiramoth, and Jehonathan, and Adonijah, and Tobijah, and Tobadonijah, Levites; and with them Elishama and Jehoram, priests. 2 Chr 17:8 and with them the Levites, Shemaiah, Nethaniah, Zebadiah, Asahel, Shemiramoth, Jehonathan, Adonijah, Tobijah and Tobadonijah, the Levites; and with them Elishama and Jehoram, the priests. Ch2 17:8 καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτῶν οἱ Λευῖται Σαμουιας καὶ Ναθανιας καὶ Ζαβδιας καὶ Ασιηλ καὶ Σεμιραμωθ καὶ Ιωναθαν καὶ Αδωνιας καὶ Τωβιας οἱ Λευῖται καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτῶν Ελισαμα καὶ Ιωραμ οἱ ἱερεῖς
2Ch 17:9 And they taught in Judah, and had the book of the law of the LORD with them, and went about throughout all the cities of Judah, and taught the people. 2 Chr 17:9 They taught in Judah, having the book of the law of the Lord with them; and they went throughout all the cities of Judah and taught among the people. Ch2 17:9 καὶ ἐδίδασκον ἐν Ιουδα καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτῶν βύβλος νόμου κυρίου καὶ διῆλθον ἐν ταῖς πόλεσιν Ιουδα καὶ ἐδίδασκον τὸν λαόν
2Ch 17:10 And the fear of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that were round about Judah, so that they made no war against Jehoshaphat. 2 Chr 17:10 Now the dread of the Lord was on all the kingdoms of the lands which were around Judah, so that they did not make war against Jehoshaphat. Ch2 17:10 καὶ ἐγένετο ἔκστασις κυρίου ἐπὶ πάσαις ταῖς βασιλείαις τῆς γῆς ταῖς κύκλῳ Ιουδα καὶ οὐκ ἐπολέμουν πρὸς Ιωσαφατ
2Ch 17:11 Also some of the Philistines brought Jehoshaphat presents, and tribute silver; and the Arabians brought him flocks, seven thousand and seven hundred rams, and seven thousand and seven hundred he goats. 2 Chr 17:11 Some of the Philistines brought gifts and silver as tribute to Jehoshaphat; the Arabians also brought him flocks, 7,700 rams and 7,700 male goats. Ch2 17:11 καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν ἀλλοφύλων ἔφερον τῷ Ιωσαφατ δῶρα καὶ ἀργύριον καὶ δόματα καὶ οἱ Ἄραβες ἔφερον αὐτῷ κριοὺς προβάτων ἑπτακισχιλίους ἑπτακοσίους
2Ch 17:12 And Jehoshaphat waxed great exceedingly; and he built in Judah castles, and cities of store. 2 Chr 17:12 So Jehoshaphat grew greater and greater, and he built fortresses and store cities in Judah. Ch2 17:12 καὶ ἦν Ιωσαφατ πορευόμενος μείζων ἕως εἰς ὕψος καὶ ᾠκοδόμησεν οἰκήσεις ἐν τῇ Ιουδαίᾳ καὶ πόλεις ὀχυράς
2Ch 17:13 And he had much business in the cities of Judah: and the men of war, mighty men of valour, were in Jerusalem. 2 Chr 17:13 He had large supplies in the cities of Judah, and warriors, valiant men, in Jerusalem. Ch2 17:13 καὶ ἔργα πολλὰ ἐγένετο αὐτῷ ἐν τῇ Ιουδαίᾳ καὶ ἄνδρες πολεμισταὶ δυνατοὶ ἰσχύοντες ἐν Ιερουσαλημ
2Ch 17:14 And these are the numbers of them according to the house of their fathers: Of Judah, the captains of thousands; Adnah the chief, and with him mighty men of valour three hundred thousand. 2 Chr 17:14 This was their muster according to their fathers' households: of Judah, commanders of thousands, Adnah was the commander, and with him 300,000 valiant warriors; Ch2 17:14 καὶ οὗτος ἀριθμὸς αὐτῶν κατ᾽ οἴκους πατριῶν αὐτῶν τῷ Ιουδα χιλίαρχοι Εδνας ὁ ἄρχων καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτοῦ υἱοὶ δυνατοὶ δυνάμεως τριακόσιαι χιλιάδες
2Ch 17:15 And next to him was Jehohanan the captain, and with him two hundred and fourscore thousand. 2 Chr 17:15 and next to him was Johanan the commander, and with him 280,000; Ch2 17:15 καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτὸν Ιωαναν ὁ ἡγούμενος καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτοῦ διακόσιαι ὀγδοήκοντα χιλιάδες
2Ch 17:16 And next him was Amasiah the son of Zichri, who willingly offered himself unto the LORD; and with him two hundred thousand mighty men of valour. 2 Chr 17:16 and next to him Amasiah the son of Zichri, who volunteered for the Lord, and with him 200,000 valiant warriors; Ch2 17:16 καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτὸν Αμασιας ὁ τοῦ Ζαχρι ὁ προθυμούμενος τῷ κυρίῳ καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτοῦ διακόσιαι χιλιάδες δυνατοὶ δυνάμεως
2Ch 17:17 And of Benjamin; Eliada a mighty man of valour, and with him armed men with bow and shield two hundred thousand. 2 Chr 17:17 and of Benjamin, Eliada a valiant warrior, and with him 200,000 armed with bow and shield; Ch2 17:17 καὶ ἐκ τοῦ Βενιαμιν δυνατὸς δυνάμεως Ελιαδα καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτοῦ τοξόται καὶ πελτασταὶ διακόσιαι χιλιάδες
2Ch 17:18 And next him was Jehozabad, and with him an hundred and fourscore thousand ready prepared for the war. 2 Chr 17:18 and next to him Jehozabad, and with him 180,000 equipped for war. Ch2 17:18 καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτὸν Ιωζαβαδ καὶ μετ᾽ αὐτοῦ ἑκατὸν ὀγδοήκοντα χιλιάδες δυνατοὶ πολέμου
2Ch 17:19 These waited on the king, beside those whom the king put in the fenced cities throughout all Judah. 2 Chr 17:19 These are they who served the king, apart from those whom the king put in the fortified cities through all Judah. Ch2 17:19 οὗτοι οἱ λειτουργοῦντες τῷ βασιλεῖ ἐκτὸς ὧν ἔδωκεν ὁ βασιλεὺς ἐν ταῖς πόλεσιν ταῖς ὀχυραῖς ἐν πάσῃ τῇ Ιουδαίᾳ

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