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Nehemiah 7
Neh 7:1 Now it came to pass, when the wall was built, and I had set up the doors, and the porters and the singers and the Levites were appointed, Neh 7:1 Now when the wall was rebuilt and I had set up the doors, and the gatekeepers and the singers and the Levites were appointed, Es2 7:1 καὶ ἐγένετο ἡνίκα ᾠκοδομήθη τὸ τεῖχος καὶ ἔστησα τὰς θύρας καὶ ἐπεσκέπησαν οἱ πυλωροὶ καὶ οἱ ᾄδοντες καὶ οἱ Λευῖται
Neh 7:2 That I gave my brother Hanani, and Hananiah the ruler of the palace, charge over Jerusalem: for he was a faithful man, and feared God above many. Neh 7:2 then I put Hanani my brother, and Hananiah the commander of the fortress, in charge of Jerusalem, for he was a faithful man and feared God more than many. Es2 7:2 καὶ ἐνετειλάμην τῷ Ανανια ἀδελφῷ μου καὶ τῷ Ανανια ἄρχοντι τῆς βιρα ἐν Ιερουσαλημ ὅτι αὐτὸς ὡς ἀνὴρ ἀληθὴς καὶ φοβούμενος τὸν θεὸν παρὰ πολλούς
Neh 7:3 And I said unto them, Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun be hot; and while they stand by, let them shut the doors, and bar them: and appoint watches of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, every one in his watch, and every one to be over against his house. Neh 7:3 Then I said to them, "Do not let the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun is hot, and while they are standing guard, let them shut and bolt the doors. Also appoint guards from the inhabitants of Jerusalem, each at his post, and each in front of his own house." Es2 7:3 καὶ εἶπα αὐτοῖς οὐκ ἀνοιγήσονται πύλαι Ιερουσαλημ ἕως ἅμα τῷ ἡλίῳ καὶ ἔτι αὐτῶν γρηγορούντων κλειέσθωσαν αἱ θύραι καὶ σφηνούσθωσαν καὶ στῆσον προφύλακας οἰκούντων ἐν Ιερουσαλημ ἀνὴρ ἐν προφυλακῇ αὐτοῦ καὶ ἀνὴρ ἀπέναντι οἰκίας αὐτοῦ
Neh 7:4 Now the city was large and great: but the people were few therein, and the houses were not builded. Neh 7:4 Now the city was large and spacious, but the people in it were few and the houses were not built. Es2 7:4 καὶ ἡ πόλις πλατεῖα καὶ μεγάλη καὶ ὁ λαὸς ὀλίγος ἐν αὐτῇ καὶ οὐκ ἦσαν οἰκίαι ᾠκοδομημέναι
Neh 7:5 And my God put into mine heart to gather together the nobles, and the rulers, and the people, that they might be reckoned by genealogy. And I found a register of the genealogy of them which came up at the first, and found written therein, Neh 7:5 Then my God put it into my heart to assemble the nobles, the officials and the people to be enrolled by genealogies. Then I found the book of the genealogy of those who came up first in which I found the following record: Es2 7:5 καὶ ἔδωκεν ὁ θεὸς εἰς τὴν καρδίαν μου καὶ συνῆξα τοὺς ἐντίμους καὶ τοὺς ἄρχοντας καὶ τὸν λαὸν εἰς συνοδίας καὶ εὗρον βιβλίον τῆς συνοδίας οἳ ἀνέβησαν ἐν πρώτοις καὶ εὗρον γεγραμμένον ἐν αὐτῷ
Neh 7:6 These are the children of the province, that went up out of the captivity, of those that had been carried away, whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away, and came again to Jerusalem and to Judah, every one unto his city; Neh 7:6 These are the people of the province who came up from the captivity of the exiles whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away, and who returned to Jerusalem and Judah, each to his city, Es2 7:6 καὶ οὗτοι υἱοὶ τῆς χώρας οἱ ἀναβάντες ἀπὸ αἰχμαλωσίας τῆς ἀποικίας ἧς ἀπῴκισεν Ναβουχοδονοσορ βασιλεὺς Βαβυλῶνος καὶ ἐπέστρεψαν εἰς Ιερουσαλημ καὶ εἰς Ιουδα ἀνὴρ εἰς τὴν πόλιν αὐτοῦ
Neh 7:7 Who came with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, Nehemiah, Azariah, Raamiah, Nahamani, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispereth, Bigvai, Nehum, Baanah. The number, I say, of the men of the people of Israel was this; Neh 7:7 who came with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, Nehemiah, Azariah, Raamiah, Nahamani, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispereth, Bigvai, Nehum, Baanah. The number of men of the people of Israel: Es2 7:7 μετὰ Ζοροβαβελ καὶ Ἰησοῦ καὶ Νεεμια Αζαρια Δαεμια Ναεμανι Μαρδοχαιος Βαλσαν Μασφαραθ Εσδρα Βαγοι Ναουμ Βαανα Μασφαρ ἄνδρες λαοῦ Ισραηλ
Neh 7:8 The children of Parosh, two thousand an hundred seventy and two. Neh 7:8 the sons of Parosh, 2,172; Es2 7:8 υἱοὶ Φορος δισχίλιοι ἑκατὸν ἑβδομήκοντα δύο
Neh 7:9 The children of Shephatiah, three hundred seventy and two. Neh 7:9 the sons of Shephatiah, 372; Es2 7:9 υἱοὶ Σαφατια τριακόσιοι ἑβδομήκοντα δύο
Neh 7:10 The children of Arah, six hundred fifty and two. Neh 7:10 the sons of Arah, 652; Es2 7:10 υἱοὶ Ηρα ἑξακόσιοι πεντήκοντα δύο
Neh 7:11 The children of Pahathmoab, of the children of Jeshua and Joab, two thousand and eight hundred and eighteen. Neh 7:11 the sons of Pahath-moab of the sons of Jeshua and Joab, 2,818; Es2 7:11 υἱοὶ Φααθμωαβ τοῖς υἱοῖς Ἰησοῦ καὶ Ιωαβ δισχίλιοι ὀκτακόσιοι δέκα ὀκτώ
Neh 7:12 The children of Elam, a thousand two hundred fifty and four. Neh 7:12 the sons of Elam, 1,254; Es2 7:12 υἱοὶ Αιλαμ χίλιοι διακόσιοι πεντήκοντα τέσσαρες
Neh 7:13 The children of Zattu, eight hundred forty and five. Neh 7:13 the sons of Zattu, 845; Es2 7:13 υἱοὶ Ζαθουα ὀκτακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα πέντε
Neh 7:14 The children of Zaccai, seven hundred and threescore. Neh 7:14 the sons of Zaccai, 760; Es2 7:14 υἱοὶ Ζακχου ἑπτακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα
Neh 7:15 The children of Binnui, six hundred forty and eight. Neh 7:15 the sons of Binnui, 648; Es2 7:15 υἱοὶ Βανουι ἑξακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα ὀκτώ
Neh 7:16 The children of Bebai, six hundred twenty and eight. Neh 7:16 the sons of Bebai, 628; Es2 7:16 υἱοὶ Βηβι ἑξακόσιοι εἴκοσι ὀκτώ
Neh 7:17 The children of Azgad, two thousand three hundred twenty and two. Neh 7:17 the sons of Azgad, 2,322; Es2 7:17 υἱοὶ Ασγαδ δισχίλιοι τριακόσιοι εἴκοσι δύο
Neh 7:18 The children of Adonikam, six hundred threescore and seven. Neh 7:18 the sons of Adonikam, 667; Es2 7:18 υἱοὶ Αδενικαμ ἑξακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα ἑπτά
Neh 7:19 The children of Bigvai, two thousand threescore and seven. Neh 7:19 the sons of Bigvai, 2,067; Es2 7:19 υἱοὶ Βαγοι δισχίλιοι ἑξήκοντα ἑπτά
Neh 7:20 The children of Adin, six hundred fifty and five. Neh 7:20 the sons of Adin, 655; Es2 7:20 υἱοὶ Ηδιν ἑξακόσιοι πεντήκοντα πέντε
Neh 7:21 The children of Ater of Hezekiah, ninety and eight. Neh 7:21 the sons of Ater, of Hezekiah, 98; Es2 7:21 υἱοὶ Ατηρ τῷ Εζεκια ἐνενήκοντα ὀκτώ
Neh 7:22 The children of Hashum, three hundred twenty and eight. Neh 7:22 the sons of Hashum, 328; Es2 7:22 υἱοὶ Ησαμ τριακόσιοι εἴκοσι ὀκτώ
Neh 7:23 The children of Bezai, three hundred twenty and four. Neh 7:23 the sons of Bezai, 324; Es2 7:23 υἱοὶ Βεσι τριακόσιοι εἴκοσι τέσσαρες
Neh 7:24 The children of Hariph, an hundred and twelve. Neh 7:24 the sons of Hariph, 112; Es2 7:24 υἱοὶ Αριφ ἑκατὸν δώδεκα
Neh 7:25 The children of Gibeon, ninety and five. Neh 7:25 the sons of Gibeon, 95; Es2 7:25 υἱοὶ Γαβαων ἐνενήκοντα πέντε
Neh 7:26 The men of Bethlehem and Netophah, an hundred fourscore and eight. Neh 7:26 the men of Bethlehem and Netophah, 188; Es2 7:26 υἱοὶ Βαιθλεεμ ἑκατὸν εἴκοσι τρεῖς υἱοὶ Νετωφα πεντήκοντα ἕξ
Neh 7:27 The men of Anathoth, an hundred twenty and eight. Neh 7:27 the men of Anathoth, 128; Es2 7:27 υἱοὶ Αναθωθ ἑκατὸν εἴκοσι ὀκτώ
Neh 7:28 The men of Bethazmaveth, forty and two. Neh 7:28 the men of Beth-azmaveth, 42; Es2 7:28 ἄνδρες Βηθασμωθ τεσσαράκοντα δύο
Neh 7:29 The men of Kirjathjearim, Chephirah, and Beeroth, seven hundred forty and three. Neh 7:29 the men of Kiriath-jearim, Chephirah and Beeroth, 743; Es2 7:29 ἄνδρες Καριαθιαριμ Καφιρα καὶ Βηρωθ ἑπτακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα τρεῖς
Neh 7:30 The men of Ramah and Gaba, six hundred twenty and one. Neh 7:30 the men of Ramah and Geba, 621; Es2 7:30 ἄνδρες Αραμα καὶ Γαβαα ἑξακόσιοι εἴκοσι εἷς
Neh 7:31 The men of Michmas, an hundred and twenty and two. Neh 7:31 the men of Michmas, 122; Es2 7:31 ἄνδρες Μαχεμας ἑκατὸν εἴκοσι δύο
Neh 7:32 The men of Bethel and Ai, an hundred twenty and three. Neh 7:32 the men of Bethel and Ai, 123; Es2 7:32 ἄνδρες Βηθηλ καὶ Αια ἑκατὸν εἴκοσι τρεῖς
Neh 7:33 The men of the other Nebo, fifty and two. Neh 7:33 the men of the other Nebo, 52; Es2 7:33 ἄνδρες Ναβι-ααρ πεντήκοντα δύο
Neh 7:34 The children of the other Elam, a thousand two hundred fifty and four. Neh 7:34 the sons of the other Elam, 1,254; Es2 7:34 ἄνδρες Ηλαμ-ααρ χίλιοι διακόσιοι πεντήκοντα τέσσαρες
Neh 7:35 The children of Harim, three hundred and twenty. Neh 7:35 the sons of Harim, 320; Es2 7:35 υἱοὶ Ηραμ τριακόσιοι εἴκοσι
Neh 7:36 The children of Jericho, three hundred forty and five. Neh 7:36 the men of Jericho, 345; Es2 7:36 υἱοὶ Ιεριχω τριακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα πέντε
Neh 7:37 The children of Lod, Hadid, and Ono, seven hundred twenty and one. Neh 7:37 the sons of Lod, Hadid and Ono, 721; Es2 7:37 υἱοὶ Λοδ Αδιδ καὶ Ωνω ἑπτακόσιοι εἴκοσι εἷς
Neh 7:38 The children of Senaah, three thousand nine hundred and thirty. Neh 7:38 the sons of Senaah, 3,930. Es2 7:38 υἱοὶ Σαναα τρισχίλιοι ἐννακόσιοι τριάκοντα
Neh 7:39 The priests: the children of Jedaiah, of the house of Jeshua, nine hundred seventy and three. Neh 7:39 The priests: the sons of Jedaiah of the house of Jeshua, 973; Es2 7:39 οἱ ἱερεῖς υἱοὶ Ιωδαε εἰς οἶκον Ἰησοῦ ἐννακόσιοι ἑβδομήκοντα τρεῖς
Neh 7:40 The children of Immer, a thousand fifty and two. Neh 7:40 the sons of Immer, 1,052; Es2 7:40 υἱοὶ Εμμηρ χίλιοι πεντήκοντα δύο
Neh 7:41 The children of Pashur, a thousand two hundred forty and seven. Neh 7:41 the sons of Pashhur, 1,247; Es2 7:41 υἱοὶ Φασσουρ χίλιοι διακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα ἑπτά
Neh 7:42 The children of Harim, a thousand and seventeen. Neh 7:42 the sons of Harim, 1,017. Es2 7:42 υἱοὶ Ηραμ χίλιοι δέκα ἑπτά
Neh 7:43 The Levites: the children of Jeshua, of Kadmiel, and of the children of Hodevah, seventy and four. Neh 7:43 The Levites: the sons of Jeshua, of Kadmiel, of the sons of Hodevah, 74. Es2 7:43 οἱ Λευῖται υἱοὶ Ἰησοῦ τῷ Καδμιηλ τοῖς υἱοῖς τοῦ Ουδουια ἑβδομήκοντα τέσσαρες
Neh 7:44 The singers: the children of Asaph, an hundred forty and eight. Neh 7:44 The singers: the sons of Asaph, 148. Es2 7:44 οἱ ᾄδοντες υἱοὶ Ασαφ ἑκατὸν τεσσαράκοντα ὀκτώ
Neh 7:45 The porters: the children of Shallum, the children of Ater, the children of Talmon, the children of Akkub, the children of Hatita, the children of Shobai, an hundred thirty and eight. Neh 7:45 The gatekeepers: the sons of Shallum, the sons of Ater, the sons of Talmon, the sons of Akkub, the sons of Hatita, the sons of Shobai, 138. Es2 7:45 οἱ πυλωροί υἱοὶ Σαλουμ υἱοὶ Ατηρ υἱοὶ Τελμων υἱοὶ Ακουβ υἱοὶ Ατιτα υἱοὶ Σαβι ἑκατὸν τριάκοντα ὀκτώ
Neh 7:46 The Nethinims: the children of Ziha, the children of Hashupha, the children of Tabbaoth, Neh 7:46 The temple servants: the sons of Ziha, the sons of Hasupha, the sons of Tabbaoth, Es2 7:46 οἱ ναθινιμ υἱοὶ Σηα υἱοὶ Ασιφα υἱοὶ Ταβαωθ
Neh 7:47 The children of Keros, the children of Sia, the children of Padon, Neh 7:47 the sons of Keros, the sons of Sia, the sons of Padon, Es2 7:47 υἱοὶ Κιρας υἱοὶ Σουια υἱοὶ Φαδων
Neh 7:48 The children of Lebana, the children of Hagaba, the children of Shalmai, Neh 7:48 the sons of Lebana, the sons of Hagaba, the sons of Shalmai, Es2 7:48 υἱοὶ Λαβανα υἱοὶ Αγαβα υἱοὶ Σαλαμι
Neh 7:49 The children of Hanan, the children of Giddel, the children of Gahar, Neh 7:49 the sons of Hanan, the sons of Giddel, the sons of Gahar, Es2 7:49 υἱοὶ Αναν υἱοὶ Γαδηλ υἱοὶ Γααρ
Neh 7:50 The children of Reaiah, the children of Rezin, the children of Nekoda, Neh 7:50 the sons of Reaiah, the sons of Rezin, the sons of Nekoda, Es2 7:50 υἱοὶ Ρααια υἱοὶ Ρασων υἱοὶ Νεκωδα
Neh 7:51 The children of Gazzam, the children of Uzza, the children of Phaseah, Neh 7:51 the sons of Gazzam, the sons of Uzza, the sons of Paseah, Es2 7:51 υἱοὶ Γηζαμ υἱοὶ Οζι υἱοὶ Φεση
Neh 7:52 The children of Besai, the children of Meunim, the children of Nephishesim, Neh 7:52 the sons of Besai, the sons of Meunim, the sons of Nephushesim, Es2 7:52 υἱοὶ Βησι υἱοὶ Μεϊνωμ υἱοὶ Νεφωσασιμ
Neh 7:53 The children of Bakbuk, the children of Hakupha, the children of Harhur, Neh 7:53 the sons of Bakbuk, the sons of Hakupha, the sons of Harhur, Es2 7:53 υἱοὶ Βακβουκ υἱοὶ Αχιφα υἱοὶ Αρουρ
Neh 7:54 The children of Bazlith, the children of Mehida, the children of Harsha, Neh 7:54 the sons of Bazlith, the sons of Mehida, the sons of Harsha, Es2 7:54 υἱοὶ Βασαλωθ υἱοὶ Μεϊδα υἱοὶ Αδασαν
Neh 7:55 The children of Barkos, the children of Sisera, the children of Tamah, Neh 7:55 the sons of Barkos, the sons of Sisera, the sons of Temah, Es2 7:55 υἱοὶ Βαρκους υἱοὶ Σισαρα υἱοὶ Θημα
Neh 7:56 The children of Neziah, the children of Hatipha. Neh 7:56 the sons of Neziah, the sons of Hatipha. Es2 7:56 υἱοὶ Νισια υἱοὶ Ατιφα
Neh 7:57 The children of Solomon's servants: the children of Sotai, the children of Sophereth, the children of Perida, Neh 7:57 The sons of Solomon's servants: the sons of Sotai, the sons of Sophereth, the sons of Perida, Es2 7:57 υἱοὶ δούλων Σαλωμων υἱοὶ Σουτι υἱοὶ Σαφαραθ υἱοὶ Φεριδα
Neh 7:58 The children of Jaala, the children of Darkon, the children of Giddel, Neh 7:58 the sons of Jaala, the sons of Darkon, the sons of Giddel, Es2 7:58 υἱοὶ Ιεαλη υἱοὶ Δορκων υἱοὶ Γαδηλ
Neh 7:59 The children of Shephatiah, the children of Hattil, the children of Pochereth of Zebaim, the children of Amon. Neh 7:59 the sons of Shephatiah, the sons of Hattil, the sons of Pochereth-hazzebaim, the sons of Amon. Es2 7:59 υἱοὶ Σαφατια υἱοὶ Ετηλ υἱοὶ Φαχαραθ υἱοὶ Σαβαϊμ υἱοὶ Ημιμ
Neh 7:60 All the Nethinims, and the children of Solomon's servants, were three hundred ninety and two. Neh 7:60 All the temple servants and the sons of Solomon's servants were 392. Es2 7:60 πάντες οἱ ναθινιμ καὶ υἱοὶ δούλων Σαλωμων τριακόσιοι ἐνενήκοντα δύο
Neh 7:61 And these were they which went up also from Telmelah, Telharesha, Cherub, Addon, and Immer: but they could not shew their father's house, nor their seed, whether they were of Israel. Neh 7:61 These were they who came up from Tel-melah, Tel-harsha, Cherub, Addon and Immer; but they could not show their fathers' houses or their descendants, whether they were of Israel: Es2 7:61 καὶ οὗτοι ἀνέβησαν ἀπὸ Θελμελεθ Αρησα Χαρουβ Ηρων Ιεμηρ καὶ οὐκ ἠδυνάσθησαν ἀπαγγεῖλαι οἴκους πατριῶν αὐτῶν καὶ σπέρμα αὐτῶν εἰ ἀπὸ Ισραηλ εἰσίν
Neh 7:62 The children of Delaiah, the children of Tobiah, the children of Nekoda, six hundred forty and two. Neh 7:62 the sons of Delaiah, the sons of Tobiah, the sons of Nekoda, 642. Es2 7:62 υἱοὶ Δαλαια υἱοὶ Τωβια υἱοὶ Νεκωδα ἑξακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα δύο
Neh 7:63 And of the priests: the children of Habaiah, the children of Koz, the children of Barzillai, which took one of the daughters of Barzillai the Gileadite to wife, and was called after their name. Neh 7:63 Of the priests: the sons of Hobaiah, the sons of Hakkoz, the sons of Barzillai, who took a wife of the daughters of Barzillai, the Gileadite, and was named after them. Es2 7:63 καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν ἱερέων υἱοὶ Εβια υἱοὶ Ακως υἱοὶ Βερζελλι ὅτι ἔλαβεν ἀπὸ θυγατέρων Βερζελλι τοῦ Γαλααδίτου γυναῖκας καὶ ἐκλήθη ἐπ᾽ ὀνόματι αὐτῶν
Neh 7:64 These sought their register among those that were reckoned by genealogy, but it was not found: therefore were they, as polluted, put from the priesthood. Neh 7:64 These searched among their ancestral registration, but it could not be located; therefore they were considered unclean and excluded from the priesthood. Es2 7:64 οὗτοι ἐζήτησαν γραφὴν αὐτῶν τῆς συνοδίας καὶ οὐχ εὑρέθη καὶ ἠγχιστεύθησαν ἀπὸ τῆς ἱερατείας
Neh 7:65 And the Tirshatha said unto them, that they should not eat of the most holy things, till there stood up a priest with Urim and Thummim. Neh 7:65 The governor said to them that they should not eat from the most holy things until a priest arose with Urim and Thummim. Es2 7:65 καὶ εἶπεν Αθερσαθα ἵνα μὴ φάγωσιν ἀπὸ τοῦ ἁγίου τῶν ἁγίων ἕως ἀναστῇ ὁ ἱερεὺς φωτίσων
Neh 7:66 The whole congregation together was forty and two thousand three hundred and threescore, Neh 7:66 The whole assembly together was 42,360, Es2 7:66 καὶ ἐγένετο πᾶσα ἡ ἐκκλησία ὡς εἷς τέσσαρες μυριάδες δισχίλιοι τριακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα
Neh 7:67 Beside their manservants and their maidservants, of whom there were seven thousand three hundred thirty and seven: and they had two hundred forty and five singing men and singing women. Neh 7:67 besides their male and their female servants, of whom there were 7,337; and they had 245 male and female singers. Es2 7:67 πάρεξ δούλων αὐτῶν καὶ παιδισκῶν αὐτῶν οὗτοι ἑπτακισχίλιοι τριακόσιοι τριάκοντα ἑπτά καὶ ᾄδοντες καὶ ᾄδουσαι διακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα πέντε
Neh 7 68 Their horses, seven hundred thirty and six: their mules, two hundred forty and five Neh 7:68 Their horses were 736; their mules, 245; Es2 7:68 ἵπποι ἑπτακόσιοι τριάκοντα ἕξ ἡμίονοι διακόσιοι τεσσαράκοντα πέντε
Neh 7:69 Their camels, four hundred thirty and five: six thousand seven hundred and twenty asses. Neh 7:69 their camels, 435; their donkeys, 6,720. Es2 7:69 κάμηλοι τετρακόσιοι τριάκοντα πέντε ὄνοι ἑξακισχίλιοι ἑπτακόσιοι εἴκοσι
Neh 7:70 And some of the chief of the fathers gave unto the work. The Tirshatha gave to the treasure a thousand drams of gold, fifty basons, five hundred and thirty priests' garments. Neh 7:70 Some from among the heads of fathers' households gave to the work. The governor gave to the treasury 1,000 gold drachmas, 50 basins, 530 priests' garments. Es2 7:70 καὶ ἀπὸ μέρους ἀρχηγῶν τῶν πατριῶν ἔδωκαν εἰς τὸ ἔργον τῷ Νεεμια εἰς θησαυρὸν χρυσοῦς χιλίους φιάλας πεντήκοντα καὶ χοθωνωθ τῶν ἱερέων τριάκοντα
Neh 7:71 And some of the chief of the fathers gave to the treasure of the work twenty thousand drams of gold, and two thousand and two hundred pound of silver. Neh 7:71 Some of the heads of fathers' households gave into the treasury of the work 20,000 gold drachmas and 2,200 silver minas. Es2 7:71 καὶ ἀπὸ ἀρχηγῶν τῶν πατριῶν ἔδωκαν εἰς θησαυρὸν τοῦ ἔργου χρυσίου δύο μυριάδας καὶ ἀργυρίου μνᾶς δισχιλίας διακοσίας
Neh 7:72 And that which the rest of the people gave was twenty thousand drams of gold, and two thousand pound of silver, and threescore and seven priests' garments. Neh 7:72 That which the rest of the people gave was 20,000 gold drachmas and 2,000 silver minas and 67 priests' garments. Es2 7:72 καὶ ἔδωκαν οἱ κατάλοιποι τοῦ λαοῦ χρυσίου δύο μυριάδας καὶ ἀργυρίου μνᾶς δισχιλίας διακοσίας καὶ χοθωνωθ τῶν ἱερέων ἑξήκοντα ἑπτά
Neh 7:73 So the priests, and the Levites, and the porters, and the singers, and some of the people, and the Nethinims, and all Israel, dwelt in their cities; and when the seventh month came, the children of Israel were in their cities. Neh 7:73 Now the priests, the Levites, the gatekeepers, the singers, some of the people, the temple servants and all Israel, lived in their cities. And when the seventh month came, the sons of Israel were in their cities. Es2 7:73 καὶ ἐκάθισαν οἱ ἱερεῖς καὶ οἱ Λευῖται καὶ οἱ πυλωροὶ καὶ οἱ ᾄδοντες καὶ οἱ ἀπὸ τοῦ λαοῦ καὶ οἱ ναθινιμ καὶ πᾶς Ισραηλ ἐν πόλεσιν αὐτῶν καὶ ἔφθασεν ὁ μὴν ὁ ἕβδομος καὶ οἱ υἱοὶ Ισραηλ ἐν πόλεσιν αὐτῶν

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