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Isaiah 14
Isa 14:1 For the LORD will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob. Isa 14:1 When the Lord will have compassion on Jacob and again choose Israel, and settle them in their own land, then strangers will join them and attach themselves to the house of Jacob. Isa 14:1 καὶ ἐλεήσει κύριος τὸν Ιακωβ καὶ ἐκλέξεται ἔτι τὸν Ισραηλ καὶ ἀναπαύσονται ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς αὐτῶν καὶ ὁ γιώρας προστεθήσεται πρὸς αὐτοὺς καὶ προστεθήσεται πρὸς τὸν οἶκον Ιακωβ
Isa 14 2 And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and the house of Israel shall possess them in the land of the LORD for servants and handmaids and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors. Isa 14:2 The peoples will take them along and bring them to their place, and the house of Israel will possess them as an inheritance in the land of the Lord as male servants and female servants; and they will take their captors captive and will rule over their oppressors. Isa 14:2 καὶ λήμψονται αὐτοὺς ἔθνη καὶ εἰσάξουσιν εἰς τὸν τόπον αὐτῶν καὶ κατακληρονομήσουσιν καὶ πληθυνθήσονται ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς τοῦ θεοῦ εἰς δούλους καὶ δούλας καὶ ἔσονται αἰχμάλωτοι οἱ αἰχμαλωτεύσαντες αὐτούς καὶ κυριευθήσονται οἱ κυριεύσαντες αὐτῶν
Isa 14:3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the LORD shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve, Isa 14:3 And it will be in the day when the Lord gives you rest from your pain and turmoil and harsh service in which you have been enslaved, Isa 14:3 καὶ ἔσται ἐν τῇ ἡμέρᾳ ἐκείνῃ ἀναπαύσει σε ὁ θεὸς ἐκ τῆς ὀδύνης καὶ τοῦ θυμοῦ σου καὶ τῆς δουλείας σου τῆς σκληρᾶς ἧς ἐδούλευσας αὐτοῖς
Isa 14:4 That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased! Isa 14:4 that you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon, and say, "How the oppressor has ceased, And how fury has ceased! Isa 14:4 καὶ λήμψῃ τὸν θρῆνον τοῦτον ἐπὶ τὸν βασιλέα Βαβυλῶνος καὶ ἐρεῖς ἐν τῇ ἡμέρᾳ ἐκείνῃ πῶς ἀναπέπαυται ὁ ἀπαιτῶν καὶ ἀναπέπαυται ὁ ἐπισπουδαστής
Isa 14:5 The LORD hath broken the staff of the wicked, and the sceptre of the rulers. Isa 14:5 "The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked, The scepter of rulers Isa 14:5 συνέτριψεν ὁ θεὸς τὸν ζυγὸν τῶν ἁμαρτωλῶν τὸν ζυγὸν τῶν ἀρχόντων
Isa 14:6 He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted, and none hindereth. Isa 14:6 Which used to strike the peoples in fury with unceasing strokes, Which subdued the nations in anger with unrestrained persecution. Isa 14:6 πατάξας ἔθνος θυμῷ πληγῇ ἀνιάτῳ παίων ἔθνος πληγὴν θυμοῦ ἣ οὐκ ἐφείσατο
Isa 14:7 The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing. Isa 14:7 "The whole earth is at rest and is quiet; They break forth into shouts of joy. Isa 14:7 ἀνεπαύσατο πεποιθώς πᾶσα ἡ γῆ βοᾷ μετ᾽ εὐφροσύνης
Isa 14:8 Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us. Isa 14:8 "Even the cypress trees rejoice over you, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying, 'Since you were laid low, no tree cutter comes up against us.' Isa 14:8 καὶ τὰ ξύλα τοῦ Λιβάνου εὐφράνθησαν ἐπὶ σοὶ καὶ ἡ κέδρος τοῦ Λιβάνου ἀφ᾽ οὗ σὺ κεκοίμησαι οὐκ ἀνέβη ὁ κόπτων ἡμᾶς
Isa 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. Isa 14:9 "Sheol from beneath is excited over you to meet you when you come; It arouses for you the spirits of the dead, all the leaders of the earth; It raises all the kings of the nations from their thrones. Isa 14:9 ὁ ᾅδης κάτωθεν ἐπικράνθη συναντήσας σοι συνηγέρθησάν σοι πάντες οἱ γίγαντες οἱ ἄρξαντες τῆς γῆς οἱ ἐγείραντες ἐκ τῶν θρόνων αὐτῶν πάντας βασιλεῖς ἐθνῶν
Isa 14:10 All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us? Isa 14:10 "They will all respond and say to you, 'Even you have been made weak as we, You have become like us. Isa 14:10 πάντες ἀποκριθήσονται καὶ ἐροῦσίν σοι καὶ σὺ ἑάλως ὥσπερ καὶ ἡμεῖς ἐν ἡμῖν δὲ κατελογίσθης
Isa 14:11 Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee. Isa 14:11 'Your pomp and the music of your harps Have been brought down to Sheol; Maggots are spread out as your bed beneath you And worms are your covering.' Isa 14:11 κατέβη δὲ εἰς ᾅδου ἡ δόξα σου ἡ πολλή σου εὐφροσύνη ὑποκάτω σου στρώσουσιν σῆψιν καὶ τὸ κατακάλυμμά σου σκώληξ
Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isa 14:12 "How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations! Isa 14:12 πῶς ἐξέπεσεν ἐκ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ ὁ ἑωσφόρος ὁ πρωὶ ἀνατέλλων συνετρίβη εἰς τὴν γῆν ὁ ἀποστέλλων πρὸς πάντα τὰ ἔθνη
Isa 14 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north Isa 14:13 "But you said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north. Isa 14:13 σὺ δὲ εἶπας ἐν τῇ διανοίᾳ σου εἰς τὸν οὐρανὸν ἀναβήσομαι ἐπάνω τῶν ἄστρων τοῦ οὐρανοῦ θήσω τὸν θρόνον μου καθιῶ ἐν ὄρει ὑψηλῷ ἐπὶ τὰ ὄρη τὰ ὑψηλὰ τὰ πρὸς βορρᾶν
Isa 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Isa 14:14 'I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.' Isa 14:14 ἀναβήσομαι ἐπάνω τῶν νεφελῶν ἔσομαι ὅμοιος τῷ ὑψίστῳ
Isa 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. Isa 14:15 "Nevertheless you will be thrust down to Sheol, To the recesses of the pit. Isa 14:15 νῦν δὲ εἰς ᾅδου καταβήσῃ καὶ εἰς τὰ θεμέλια τῆς γῆς
Isa 14:16 They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; Isa 14:16 "Those who see you will gaze at you, They will ponder over you, saying, 'Is this the man who made the earth tremble, Who shook kingdoms, Isa 14:16 οἱ ἰδόντες σε θαυμάσουσιν ἐπὶ σοὶ καὶ ἐροῦσιν οὗτος ὁ ἄνθρωπος ὁ παροξύνων τὴν γῆν σείων βασιλεῖς
Isa 14:17 That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners? Isa 14:17 Who made the world like a wilderness And overthrew its cities, Who did not allow his prisoners to go home?' Isa 14:17 ὁ θεὶς τὴν οἰκουμένην ὅλην ἔρημον καὶ τὰς πόλεις καθεῖλεν τοὺς ἐν ἐπαγωγῇ οὐκ ἔλυσεν
Isa 14:18 All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house. Isa 14:18 "All the kings of the nations lie in glory, Each in his own tomb. Isa 14:18 πάντες οἱ βασιλεῖς τῶν ἐθνῶν ἐκοιμήθησαν ἐν τιμῇ ἄνθρωπος ἐν τῷ οἴκῳ αὐτοῦ
Isa 14:19 But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet. Isa 14:19 "But you have been cast out of your tomb Like a rejected branch, Clothed with the slain who are pierced with a sword, Who go down to the stones of the pit Like a trampled corpse. Isa 14:19 σὺ δὲ ῥιφήσῃ ἐν τοῖς ὄρεσιν ὡς νεκρὸς ἐβδελυγμένος μετὰ πολλῶν τεθνηκότων ἐκκεκεντημένων μαχαίραις καταβαινόντων εἰς ᾅδου ὃν τρόπον ἱμάτιον ἐν αἵματι πεφυρμένον οὐκ ἔσται καθαρόν
Isa 14:20 Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned. Isa 14:20 "You will not be united with them in burial, Because you have ruined your country, You have slain your people. May the offspring of evildoers not be mentioned forever. Isa 14:20 οὕτως οὐδὲ σὺ ἔσῃ καθαρός διότι τὴν γῆν μου ἀπώλεσας καὶ τὸν λαόν μου ἀπέκτεινας οὐ μὴ μείνῃς εἰς τὸν αἰῶνα χρόνον σπέρμα πονηρόν
Isa 14:21 Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities. Isa 14:21 "Prepare for his sons a place of slaughter Because of the iniquity of their fathers. They must not arise and take possession of the earth And fill the face of the world with cities." Isa 14:21 ἑτοίμασον τὰ τέκνα σου σφαγῆναι ταῖς ἁμαρτίαις τοῦ πατρός σου ἵνα μὴ ἀναστῶσιν καὶ τὴν γῆν κληρονομήσωσιν καὶ ἐμπλήσωσι τὴν γῆν πόλεων
Isa 14:22 For I will rise up against them, saith the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the LORD. Isa 14:22 "I will rise up against them," declares the Lord of hosts, "and will cut off from Babylon name and survivors, offspring and posterity," declares the Lord. Isa 14:22 καὶ ἐπαναστήσομαι αὐτοῖς λέγει κύριος σαβαωθ καὶ ἀπολῶ αὐτῶν ὄνομα καὶ κατάλειμμα καὶ σπέρμα τάδε λέγει κύριος
Isa 14:23 I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts. Isa 14:23 "I will also make it a possession for the hedgehog and swamps of water, and I will sweep it with the broom of destruction," declares the Lord of hosts. Isa 14:23 καὶ θήσω τὴν Βαβυλωνίαν ἔρημον ὥστε κατοικεῖν ἐχίνους καὶ ἔσται εἰς οὐδέν καὶ θήσω αὐτὴν πηλοῦ βάραθρον εἰς ἀπώλειαν
Isa 14:24 The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand: Isa 14:24 The Lord of hosts has sworn saying, "Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand, Isa 14:24 τάδε λέγει κύριος σαβαωθ ὃν τρόπον εἴρηκα οὕτως ἔσται καὶ ὃν τρόπον βεβούλευμαι οὕτως μενεῖ
Isa 14:25 That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders. Isa 14:25 to break Assyria in My land, and I will trample him on My mountains. Then his yoke will be removed from them and his burden removed from their shoulder. Isa 14:25 τοῦ ἀπολέσαι τοὺς Ἀσσυρίους ἀπὸ τῆς γῆς τῆς ἐμῆς καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν ὀρέων μου καὶ ἔσονται εἰς καταπάτημα καὶ ἀφαιρεθήσεται ἀπ᾽ αὐτῶν ὁ ζυγὸς αὐτῶν καὶ τὸ κῦδος αὐτῶν ἀπὸ τῶν ὤμων ἀφαιρεθήσεται
Isa 14:26 This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth: and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all the nations. Isa 14:26 This is the plan devised against the whole earth; and this is the hand that is stretched out against all the nations. Isa 14:26 αὕτη ἡ βουλή ἣν βεβούλευται κύριος ἐπὶ τὴν οἰκουμένην ὅλην καὶ αὕτη ἡ χεὶρ ἡ ὑψηλὴ ἐπὶ πάντα τὰ ἔθνη τῆς οἰκουμένης
Isa 14:27 For the LORD of hosts hath purposed, and who shall disannul it? and his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back? Isa 14:27 For the Lord of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it? And as for His stretched-out hand, who can turn it back?" Isa 14:27 ἃ γὰρ ὁ θεὸς ὁ ἅγιος βεβούλευται τίς διασκεδάσει καὶ τὴν χεῖρα τὴν ὑψηλὴν τίς ἀποστρέψει
Isa 14:28 In the year that king Ahaz died was this burden. Isa 14:28 In the year that King Ahaz died this oracle came: Isa 14:28 τοῦ ἔτους οὗ ἀπέθανεν Αχαζ ὁ βασιλεύς ἐγενήθη τὸ ῥῆμα τοῦτο
Isa 14:29 Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent. Isa 14:29 "Do not rejoice, O Philistia, all of you, Because the rod that struck you is broken; For from the serpent's root a viper will come out, And its fruit will be a flying serpent. Isa 14:29 μὴ εὐφρανθείητε πάντες οἱ ἀλλόφυλοι συνετρίβη γὰρ ὁ ζυγὸς τοῦ παίοντος ὑμᾶς ἐκ γὰρ σπέρματος ὄφεων ἐξελεύσεται ἔκγονα ἀσπίδων καὶ τὰ ἔκγονα αὐτῶν ἐξελεύσονται ὄφεις πετόμενοι
Isa 14:30 And the firstborn of the poor shall feed, and the needy shall lie down in safety: and I will kill thy root with famine, and he shall slay thy remnant. Isa 14:30 "Those who are most helpless will eat, And the needy will lie down in security; I will destroy your root with famine, And it will kill off your survivors. Isa 14:30 καὶ βοσκηθήσονται πτωχοὶ δι᾽ αὐτοῦ πτωχοὶ δὲ ἄνδρες ἐπ᾽ εἰρήνης ἀναπαύσονται ἀνελεῖ δὲ λιμῷ τὸ σπέρμα σου καὶ τὸ κατάλειμμά σου ἀνελεῖ
Isa 14:31 Howl, O gate; cry, O city; thou, whole Palestina, art dissolved: for there shall come from the north a smoke, and none shall be alone in his appointed times. Isa 14:31 "Wail, O gate; cry, O city; Melt away, O Philistia, all of you; For smoke comes from the north, And there is no straggler in his ranks. Isa 14:31 ὀλολύζετε πύλαι πόλεων κεκραγέτωσαν πόλεις τεταραγμέναι οἱ ἀλλόφυλοι πάντες ὅτι καπνὸς ἀπὸ βορρᾶ ἔρχεται καὶ οὐκ ἔστιν τοῦ εἶναι
Isa 14:32 What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation? That the LORD hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it. Isa 14:32 "How then will one answer the messengers of the nation? That the Lord has founded Zion, And the afflicted of His people will seek refuge in it." Isa 14:32 καὶ τί ἀποκριθήσονται βασιλεῖς ἐθνῶν ὅτι κύριος ἐθεμελίωσεν Σιων καὶ δι᾽ αὐτοῦ σωθήσονται οἱ ταπεινοὶ τοῦ λαοῦ

"Scripture above taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®, Copyright © 1960,1962,1963,1968,1971,1972,1973,1975,1977,1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission."

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