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Hosea 12
Hos 12:1 Ephraim feedeth on wind, and followeth after the east wind: he daily increaseth lies and desolation; and they do make a covenant with the Assyrians, and oil is carried into Egypt. Hos 12:1 Ephraim feeds on wind, And pursues the east wind continually; He multiplies lies and violence. Moreover, he makes a covenant with Assyria, And oil is carried to Egypt. Hos 12:2 ὁ δὲ Εφραιμ πονηρὸν πνεῦμα ἐδίωξεν καύσωνα ὅλην τὴν ἡμέραν κενὰ καὶ μάταια ἐπλήθυνεν καὶ διαθήκην μετὰ Ἀσσυρίων διέθετο καὶ ἔλαιον εἰς Αἴγυπτον ἐνεπορεύετο
Hos 12:2 The LORD hath also a controversy with Judah, and will punish Jacob according to his ways; according to his doings will he recompense him. Hos 12:2 The Lord also has a dispute with Judah, And will punish Jacob according to his ways; He will repay him according to his deeds. Hos 12:3 καὶ κρίσις τῷ κυρίῳ πρὸς Ιουδαν τοῦ ἐκδικῆσαι τὸν Ιακωβ κατὰ τὰς ὁδοὺς αὐτοῦ καὶ κατὰ τὰ ἐπιτηδεύματα αὐτοῦ ἀνταποδώσει αὐτῷ
Hos 12:3 He took his brother by the heel in the womb, and by his strength he had power with God: Hos 12:3 In the womb he took his brother by the heel, And in his maturity he contended with God. Hos 12:4 ἐν τῇ κοιλίᾳ ἐπτέρνισεν τὸν ἀδελφὸν αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐν κόποις αὐτοῦ ἐνίσχυσεν πρὸς θεὸν
Hos 12 4 Yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed: he wept, and made supplication unto him he found him in Bethel, and there he spake with us; Hos 12:4 Yes, he wrestled with the angel and prevailed; He wept and sought His favor. He found Him at Bethel And there He spoke with us, Hos 12:5 καὶ ἐνίσχυσεν μετὰ ἀγγέλου καὶ ἠδυνάσθη ἔκλαυσαν καὶ ἐδεήθησάν μου ἐν τῷ οἴκῳ Ων εὕροσάν με καὶ ἐκεῖ ἐλαλήθη πρὸς αὐτόν
Hos 12:5 Even the LORD God of hosts; the LORD is his memorial. Hos 12:5 Even the Lord, the God of hosts, The Lord is His name. Hos 12:6 ὁ δὲ κύριος ὁ θεὸς ὁ παντοκράτωρ ἔσται μνημόσυνον αὐτοῦ
Hos 12:6 Therefore turn thou to thy God: keep mercy and judgment and wait on thy God continually. Hos 12:6 Therefore, return to your God, Observe kindness and justice, And wait for your God continually. Hos 12:7 καὶ σὺ ἐν θεῷ σου ἐπιστρέψεις ἔλεον καὶ κρίμα φυλάσσου καὶ ἔγγιζε πρὸς τὸν θεόν σου διὰ παντός
Hos 12:7 He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress. Hos 12:7 A merchant, in whose hands are false balances, He loves to oppress. Hos 12:8 Χανααν ἐν χειρὶ αὐτοῦ ζυγὸς ἀδικίας καταδυναστεύειν ἠγάπησε
Hos 12:8 And Ephraim said, Yet I am become rich, I have found me out substance: in all my labours they shall find none iniquity in me that were sin. Hos 12:8 And Ephraim said, "Surely I have become rich, I have found wealth for myself; In all my labors they will find in me No iniquity, which would be sin." Hos 12:9 καὶ εἶπεν Εφραιμ πλὴν πεπλούτηκα εὕρηκα ἀναψυχὴν ἐμαυτῷ πάντες οἱ πόνοι αὐτοῦ οὐχ εὑρεθήσονται αὐτῷ δι᾽ ἀδικίας ἃς ἥμαρτεν
Hos 12:9 And I that am the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt will yet make thee to dwell in tabernacles, as in the days of the solemn feast. Hos 12:9 But I have been the Lord your God since the land of Egypt; I will make you live in tents again, As in the days of the appointed festival. Hos 12:10 ἐγὼ δὲ κύριος ὁ θεός σου ἀνήγαγόν σε ἐκ γῆς Αἰγύπτου ἔτι κατοικιῶ σε ἐν σκηναῖς καθὼς ἡμέρᾳ ἑορτῆς
Hos 12:10 I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets. Hos 12:10 I have also spoken to the prophets, And I gave numerous visions, And through the prophets I gave parables. Hos 12:11 καὶ λαλήσω πρὸς προφήτας καὶ ἐγὼ ὁράσεις ἐπλήθυνα καὶ ἐν χερσὶν προφητῶν ὡμοιώθην
Hos 12:11 Is there iniquity in Gilead? surely they are vanity: they sacrifice bullocks in Gilgal; yea, their altars are as heaps in the furrows of the fields. Hos 12:11 Is there iniquity in Gilead? Surely they are worthless. In Gilgal they sacrifice bulls, Yes, their altars are like the stone heaps Beside the furrows of the field. Hos 12:12 εἰ μὴ Γαλααδ ἔστιν ἄρα ψευδεῖς ἦσαν ἐν Γαλγαλ ἄρχοντες θυσιάζοντες καὶ τὰ θυσιαστήρια αὐτῶν ὡς χελῶναι ἐπὶ χέρσον ἀγροῦ
Hos 12:12 And Jacob fled into the country of Syria, and Israel served for a wife, and for a wife he kept sheep. Hos 12:12 Now Jacob fled to the land of Aram, And Israel worked for a wife, And for a wife he kept sheep. Hos 12:13 καὶ ἀνεχώρησεν Ιακωβ εἰς πεδίον Συρίας καὶ ἐδούλευσεν Ισραηλ ἐν γυναικὶ καὶ ἐν γυναικὶ ἐφυλάξατο
Hos 12:13 And by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved. Hos 12:13 But by a prophet the Lord brought Israel from Egypt, And by a prophet he was kept. Hos 12:14 καὶ ἐν προφήτῃ ἀνήγαγεν κύριος τὸν Ισραηλ ἐξ Αἰγύπτου καὶ ἐν προφήτῃ διεφυλάχθη
Hos 12:14 Ephraim provoked him to anger most bitterly: therefore shall he leave his blood upon him, and his reproach shall his LORD return unto him. Hos 12:14 Ephraim has provoked to bitter anger; So his Lord will leave his bloodguilt on him And bring back his reproach to him. Hos 12:15 ἐθύμωσεν Εφραιμ καὶ παρώργισεν καὶ τὸ αἷμα αὐτοῦ ἐπ᾽ αὐτὸν ἐκχυθήσεται καὶ τὸν ὀνειδισμὸν αὐτοῦ ἀνταποδώσει αὐτῷ κύριος

"Scripture above taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®, Copyright © 1960,1962,1963,1968,1971,1972,1973,1975,1977,1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission."

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